Katherine Bruder                 Writing & Design

2009 Peru Calendar

Designed as a fundraiser for Scripture Union Peru. All photographs, text and design copyright by Katherine Bruder, 2008.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

This magazine article was written for publication in Newsweek and geared towards high school seniors and their parents. It discusses the different opportunities a small liberal arts school can provide its students.

Scripture Union of Peru

Art 230 - Graphic Design

This two page layout of my text and photos was designed as a magazine article about Scripture Union of Peru.

Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams CD Cover

Art 230 - Graphic Design

This CD design was created for the Jack Johnson CD, In Between Dreams, which was released in 2005. The assignment was to create a CD cover, booklet, and label for a CD of our choice. 
Note: All images in this design were found via the Internet as instructed by the professor, and are not my personal work.

The Globalization of Media in Developing Countries

This paper discusses how the globalization of media, and technology has changed the world - whether it is increasing or decreasing the digital divide.

Photographs and Information Retention

This research proposal was designed to study the effects of photojournalistic images and text on a reader’s retention of an article.

Understanding Intercultural Communication & It’s Importance in Translation

Communications 385 - Communication Practicum

This is a comprehensive paper of my internship experience with Scripture Union of Peru, during the 2008 summer. It includes a summary of my work and what I accomplished and learned while working in Peru. More information about this internship can be found on my Internship page.

The Decline of Agenda Setting of International News in the United States

This paper studies the effects of agenda setting on the American perspective of international news and how with technological advances, this is being eliminated.

Reading Through the Senses

This essay follows the guidelines set by NPR’s radio program, This I Believe, of 350-500 words about a topic that I believe in. Read more about the NPR This I Believe program and guidelines

Juan Alberto Pacheco

This paper was written to fulfill the Senior Thesis requirement for graduation with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Spanish from Alma College. It discusses the reasons why I decided to pursue a Spanish major while at Alma and the benefits I have enjoyed through my Spanish studies.

Writing & Design Portfolio

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“The pen is the tongue of the mind.”

- Miguel de Cervantes

The Spanish Countryside        Castilla y León, Spain

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