Katherine Bruder        Internship Experiences

As a Center for Responsible Leadership Fellow at Alma College, I was part of a student-faculty team that hosted the first Eugene Kenaga International DDT Conference on the Alma College campus on Friday March 14th, 2008. The committee (comprised of 4 students and 2 professors), was responsible for the conference from conception through implementation. The idea to host an international conference about the perils of DDT use spawned out of conversations about the local EPA Superfund site, located in St. Louis, Michigan, a mere 8 miles from campus. After months of hard work, contacting researchers, newspapers, and the public, we successfully discussed the issues at hand, on a local and international level.

While I did not receive academic credit for the experience of planning and hosting an international conference, I felt that the experiences were valuable and provided much logistical experience.

To read conference proceedings, or visit the conference website, please click here.

Internship Experiences

The First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn

Dearborn, Michigan

As a Christian Education Intern at the First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn, I worked with the elementary through college aged members of the congregation. I was responsible for the planning and implementation of a weekly youth group for middle & high school members, and the weekly Sunday morning education for the elementary children. In addition to these weekly tasks, I was the team leader for the annual Peru Mission Trip, which worked with Scripture Union of Peru. As the team leader, I was responsible for leading all pre-trip meetings and

2005 - 2007 Summers

Eugene Kenaga International DDT Conference

Alma, Michigan

August 07 - April 08

Shells        Mala, Peru

Scripture Union of Peru

Lima, Peru

As an intern for Scripture Union of Peru (Unión Biblica del Perú), I worked as a Spanish translator for the various work teams from around the United States and United Kingdom that came to Peru. As part of this job, I was also the liaison between the work team and the organization and am responsible for travel and team coordination during their time in the country. In addition to my work as translator and team leader, I also helped write and develop a website for the

‘08 - ‘09 - ‘10 Summers

fundraising events. While in Peru, I served as a liaison between the Dearborn team and the SU site workers, and also as the trip translator (being the only Spanish speaker from Dearborn). Upon return to the United States, I organized and ran a post-trip presentation dinner for the congregation.

organization and creating a photography portfolio of the campsites and facets of the organization to be used for publicity and promotion.

Links & Downloads:

Photos from my summer in Peru

Sample copy of a 2009 Calendar created with my photos and text  (PDF)

Email journal of my time in Peru  (PDF)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”   

- Margaret Mead